Verdúu Product Photography b/w Hien Le no1, Michael Sontag FORM, Goetze Gegenwart, Christopher Shannon. Niche Perfume by Mark Buxton. Photo: Björn Jonas @ LVA

Verdúu gives the most influential young, emerging designers the opportunity to create a perfume that truly represents their vision. Mark Buxton, one of the worlds most respected perfumers, collaborates with the artists to interpret and bring a unique scent to life and draw a perfume portrait of the designer. 

Verdúu Mark Buxton Portrait by Björn Jonas

Mark Buxton

Mark Buxton is one of the world’s best known perfumers, and the creator of all scents for Verdúu. Mark has long been an ambassador for the fine art of perfume creation. He has created fragrances for many big labels such as Comme des Garçons, Burberry, Cartier, Versace, Van Clief & Arpels, Lagerfeld and Chopard, among many others.

His darling handwriting was discovered when he created the first Comme des Garçons Fragrance. After, he was quickly recognized in the “Haute Parfumerie” and participated in artistic projects such as the book, “Whole Lot of Non-Scents” by Chandler Burr.

Since the first moment, Mark has been a crucial part of Verdúu, and greatly adds to the adventure and joy of our work. 


Verdúu Alexander Botov Portrait by Björn Jonas

Alexander Botov

Alexander Botov founded Verdúu to realize his vision of a big community of young designers,  perfumers, creatives, and all humans with passion for the fine art of fragrances. He wants the aforementioned people have the opportunity to create something unique and extraordinary, rather than conforming to the trends and standards of the industry. 

“Our heartnote is storytelling,” he says, underlining the focus of Verdúu on the strong characters and concepts behind the perfumes. He believes that the real luxury of our century is defined through diversity rather than excess. This thinking is conveyed throughout the label of Verdúu.

Verdúu Björn Jonas Portrait by Björn Jonas

Björn Jonas

Björn Jonas is an award-winning young photographer and director whose work focuses on fashion and portraiture. He catches the beauty and poetry of the moment and saves it for eternity. Björn describes himself as a pupil of light, and puts great focus on capturing unique expressions, recreating the perfect prints of the old masters, while staying on the forefront of modern design and visual communication.

Björn’s work has been featured in a wide array of international publications and media. His creative potential is inexhaustible, as is that of the identity of Verdúu.